How to buy and deal with New World House?


    It is a troublesome thing to Buy New World Coins to buy a house in Amazon New World. Players also have to pay taxes every week, and this is where things get complicated. Taxation is determined by many factors. The property tax rate for settlements may be between 5% and 20%, so players should be careful when buying houses. If the house they buy is in a settlement controlled by their faction, they will receive a tax discount on the first house. Getting a territorial level will occasionally give players the option of lowering the privilege of property taxes in a particular territory, so keep this in mind.

    If players do not pay the weekly property tax on time, they will only lose the benefits of owning a house, such as trophy bonuses, the ability to decorate the house, or the ability to quickly go to the house, without being foreclosed. Players will regain the benefits after paying the tax. Therefore, if players find that there are not enough New World Coins or do not need the benefits of owning a house at all, it is entirely feasible to stop paying weekly taxes.

    One of the main benefits of owning a house in New World is the ability to go there quickly every few hours. Since fast travel often requires Azoth resources, having a free way to travel the world more easily is an immense help. Players can have up to three houses at the highest level, so it is wise to spread the house purchases to different settlements around the map in order to travel faster in Aeternum. More expensive houses have faster cooling times for fast travel. The cheapest houses are recalled every four hours, while the most expensive houses are recalled every two hours.

    Besides fast travel, owning a home means more storage space. They can equip the house with multiple storage boxes, increasing the storage capacity of the players in the settlement. They can equip each home with five unique trophies. Although the same type of trophies cannot be placed in one home, they can be placed in different homes, effectively allowing bonuses to be superimposed. They made storage boxes and trophies using furniture trade skills. Therefore, players need a fairly high level of furniture and some rare resources to make some of these items themselves, but they can also simply buy boxes and trophies from other players through the trading station in each settlement.

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