What is the best Final Fantasy XIV course for new players?

  • Like most MMORPGs, FFXIV has a variety of tanks, treatments, and DPS careers to choose from. The difference is that the Final Fantasy XIV career is finally upgraded to work. As novice players, their task is to choose the best starting career.

    First, the player will see the eight basic classes on the character creation screen. Once they reach level 30, they can upgrade to the FFXIV Gil. Later games will decide whether they can change the job category according to the player's level. The most important thing is that the player's previous course progress will be automatically saved.

    Although players can switch base classes early, they must stick to their first choice for at least a few hours, so don't be too hasty when choosing your base class in Final Fantasy XIV. Some Final Fantasy XIV Gil are more suitable for beginners than others.

    Some suggestions for gladiators in the FFXIV course: Gladiators provide a perfect combination of offensive power and tank abilities. Gladiator is not as powerful as a dedicated DPS, but its sturdiness is very helpful for the player's first Final Fantasy XIV adventure. Naturally, the gladiator has high health and rich shield abilities, making him a popular party member.

    Speaking of this, I believe there will be some players who think that the career choices of Final Fantasy XIV are a bit complicated, don’t worry, I will introduce some suggestions for the best FFXIV courses to players in the follow-up, as long as you have your own ideas about the role. , I believe the difficulty in the game is not important.