New World volunteer police officers managed to trap the marijua


    Amazon's MMO New World has attracted many players, they try to buy some Cheap New World Coins in case they need it, and absorb valuable resources to make quick profits. As we approached the release, we saw the work of automated robots robbing the best fishing spots. Some players solved this problem by luring wild boars to kill them.

    Don't be afraid, because the righteous police have also found a way to protect the New World weeds. Players now stop these bastard cannabis pigs by trapping them in camp cages. In New World, hemp is a natural resource, and budding armorers need to distill it into linen for clothing. Everyone must share the same cannabis plant, which grows back every few minutes. If players are unlucky, they may find that the server lacks wild cannabis when needed.

    This is the situation of Takamagahara, the East Coast server of player Rammaras. They said that a known cannabis picking robot makes it difficult for low-level players to collect any cannabis for themselves. The robot actually navigates the entire Windsward area and collects marijuana. However, Rammars and his friends set up their New World Coins, trapping the robot player in an inescapable fence. This is only a temporary solution.

    Of course, the chain reaction of marijuana hoarding may not just leave anything to other players. There is concern that these accounts may have a negative impact on the in-game economy by flooding trading stations with ill-gotten wealth. Amazon has investigated the concerns after the transaction, and so far, New World's economy is actually good. At the same time, I need to remind everyone that it is best to prepare some New World Coins in advance.