The New World development team is listening to players’ opinion


    New World is different from other types of MMORPG, it has its own unique gameplay, style and New World Coins, which is a very good experience. Make it a brand new MMO, a genre that is difficult to enter, and different from other games. It is the ultimate goal of Amazon game developers.

    Developers have said that they hope that New World can give players an immersive experience, feel like a spiritual holy land, they are more suitable for legends than mounts. And these are the fast travel point equipment that players can use New World Coins in the game world of New World. But they explained that they would not exclude these mounts from the game development content, because this is what some players want to have, but it won't be fast.

    Developers actively listen to the voices of fans when balancing the internal design, hoping to understand what they want again. What does the mount provide them? The developer provided an example of PvP, which was previously opted in. There were not many modes until the Alpha version of the game. The team said that they did not want to enter the full loot PvP again. Full loot PvP has always been a feature of the early version of the game, but it was later abandoned. They are thinking about what they can do to satisfy the New World design and whether players can buy New World Coins, which is why they proposed faction control points.

    Developers cannot specifically provide what fans ask for, but they can provide what they really like in the end, which is suitable for a more harmonious integration into the team’s vision of New World as an MMO. Even though New World has been released for more than a month, the development team continues to listen to players' ideas to improve the game. It also includes how players can quickly obtain Cheap New World Coins in the game, so let us look forward to New World together.