Path of Exile Scourge brings a lot of new content to the game

  • Grinding Gear Games has released the Path of Exile update 1.94 patch on consoles and PCs. This is a huge expansion for Scourge, bringing a lot of new content and changes to the game. Check down for the complete patch instructions and whether players need to buy POE 3.16 Currency in advance.

    The Challenge League is a great opportunity to start anew in the new economy. All the players’ old characters and items still exist in the standard and hardcore leagues, but we encourage them to join the new league, complete challenges and show players’ mastery of Path of Exile! At the same time players also need to collect some POE 3.16 Currency for this new expansion.

    In the Path of Exile Scourge challenge league, players will encounter a mysterious person who handed the player a rust-looking device called Blood Crucible and urged the player to implant it in their body. When the player kills an enemy, the Blood Crucible will be filled with their POE Currency. Once a certain threshold is reached, the player can activate the device. This will immediately push the player into a parallel reality, an alternative Wraeclast that is happening in some form of doomsday events.

    This Wraeclast is occupied by the demon called The Scourge. They are very powerful, very dangerous, and come in many forms. The more blood players collect, the longer they can stay in the parallel Wraeclast. But the longer they stay, the more harm they suffer. Players can put items into Blood Crucible. When they kill the Scourge Legion, it will absorb the corruption from the replacement Wraeclast and concentrate it on the items. After killing enough enemies, the player's items can be deformed. When it does so, it will be corroded and gain a pair of Scourge modifiers. And, we strongly recommend players to POE Currency Buy.