New World developer’s game fix caused additional player issues

  • At first glance, New World seems to be a standard MMO experience, with crafting, fighting, and killable monsters. But the game has a hidden weakness, and players are using it to gain various unscrupulous advantages. Although New World provides players with many in-game PvP opportunities to compete in the area or duel each other, it turns out that it also has some problems. Players can use many errors in the game to blindly defeat their opponents or gain an advantage.

    Some fixes and patches by Amazon developers have also caused additional player issues. At first, the biggest problem with New World was that players tried to enter the queue of the game. Players noticed that they can make their character invulnerable by minimizing the game screen and dragging it. This makes them no longer need to spend time earning New World Coins. Amazon stepped in to fix patch 1.0.4, but new problems have appeared. These issues vary greatly between servers.

    Even ordinary functions like chat boxes become untrustworthy. Fans on the New World subreddit report that other players can post HTML code in the chat to blind them or even disconnect other people from the game. This puts Amazon in a position to fix these errors, but the new patch may only add new issues. On October 29th, Amazon fixed the picture posting error, aiming to make the chat more secure and avoid this interruption.

    While some players are slaughtering wild boars and fishing, other players are playing a completely different game where they try to see which elements of New World they can bend or break to their advantage. What the developers can do is to constantly fix the problems discovered by the players. Finally, I strongly recommend players to choose IGGM to buy Cheap New World Coins.