Some New World players are dissatisfied with the design in the

  • Although New World is expected to receive good fixes and updates, some players are still angry with the few design choices. For some New World players who have been playing since the MMO was launched, now is a good time to evaluate their achievements and see if they like or dislike it.

    Amazon Game Studio has done a good job in solving the most prominent problems of New World, such as repeated failures of New World Coins and the destruction of the overall economy by the travel tax. The developer plans to further stabilize transactions in the future linking all trading stations in the game. Then, there is a continuing trend on Reddit, where players share their level 60 clips in various ways, whether it's dramatic or funny.

    However, some New World players are dissatisfied with all aspects of the game, from the way factional wars work to the cost of traveling between settlements, and the way to buy Cheap New World Coins. Because Azoth is a capped resource. Other players may just be dissatisfied with some design choices that make the overall experience more frustrating, such as the AoE spells of magic weapons that will not hit enemies lying on the ground.

    A Reddit user named ckkoroskos shared a post about how irritating it is to fight corrupted enemies that can heal themselves for a lot of health at once. Then the user made a joke, saying that the person who designed this might be responsible for all those New World enemies who used too many attacks to stagger the player and interrupt them. The post then triggered a trend where other players expressed what makes the game sometimes frustrating, like the wild boar in Edengrove chasing the player for a long time, but once the player decides to face them, they retreat.