How do New World players make Shadewalker armor?


    For many players, the final game of New World is here, where most of the swarms are chasing the void ore to obtain a void-bending suit. Although it is very suitable for tank players or those who like agility and strength, there are still many shortcomings for mage construction. So how do people find their BiS armor at the end of the game? The answer is New World Shadewalker armor.


    The New World Shadewalker armor set is an armor set at the end of the game that players with 185 armors can make. In any case, it is not exactly a legendary suit, but it can definitely be made with 600 gear points in mind. This craft allows players to make light armor with 600 gear points and access to many different New World attributes. Players can gain power and maintain New World Coins, and can even concentrate and sustain.


    In addition, this item set is suitable for light armor archers and musketeers. Instead, the player will catch agility, agility, and constitutional fragments. They will find that the premise of dex construction is almost the same as that of mage Int construction. Nevertheless, players can make a Voidbent medium suit, and they can also buy it using Cheap New World Coins.


    Shadewalker armor is a craft that can be unlocked when reaching 185 armor forging. The gears it provides range from 500-600 gearscore, depending on the material the player wants to cultivate. This New World armor set uses many different TierV materials, and provides players with different equipment score upgrades according to the rarity of the TV items used by the player. If players are serious about making a 600 gear score version of the armor, then they will need the best materials to complete the job. In addition, if players want to buy New World Coins, they can choose IGGM, which is issuing a 5% discount code.