Amazon's New World pauses the economy again

  • The latest destructive bug in the game in New World is to allow players to copy items. After the players concerned began to post the situation on its official forum, Amazon once again locked the MMO's entire economy. As of the release, New World players cannot send money, cannot trade with other players, cannot enter the trading station, and cannot use the guild New World Coins.

    As PC Gamer initially reported, some New World players are eager to use this glitch to earn New World Coins. Trophies are copied and sold at prices much lower than their usual value, which disturbs players who invest in them without cheating.

    New World’s community manager stated that the developers are aware of repeated vulnerabilities and the team is working hard to investigate. During this period, all forms of wealth transfer will be prohibited. They also pointed out that any players who use the malfunction will be "acted", although they did not specify what this might bring.

    Some people said they plan to quit the game, while others pointed out that New World feels like a promising concept with unlimited potential. This kind of repeated cheating makes some players feel uneasy, because they spend several weeks working hard for the game achievements the developers have obtained in a shorter period of time.

    This is not the first time Amazon game studios have had to reset the entire New World economy due to exploits. Earlier this month, players discovered that they can copy Cheap New World Coins by pasting a specific string of HTML code into the chat box. Their community team subsequently shut down the economy and threatened to punish any players who used the vulnerability. So far, the threat does not seem to prevent the second-round cheaters from taking advantage of the exploitable economy of the MMO. IGGM is issuing discount coupons during this period, and players can get a 5% discount with the discount code "NW5".