New World bans more than 1600 accounts from exploiting vulnerab

  • New World bans more than 1600 accounts from exploiting vulnerabilities

    On the same day that the Amazon gaming team re-enabled wealth transfer in New World, community manager Luxendra posted a blog detailing the team’s work to combat fraud and exploiters. However, the community is reporting new scams and questioning what can be done now.

    According to the exploit update, as of November 15th, the Amazon gaming team banned more than 1,200 players, removed all their items from the economy and cancelled trading positions. They were also able to prohibit 460 additional players from participating in the initial trade scam or housing exploitation. Essentially, they report that approximately 98% of scammed items and New World Coins have been removed from the game, which should minimize the impact on the economy. Some players accidentally triggered the deception and were not punished, and their items were not deleted.

    The investigation also investigated how the scammed items affect the economy and armor. Their data showed that the highest level equipment was not significantly affected, even armor deception. This is also important because when 98% of items are deleted, this percentage is still very low. Amazon reiterated that they are working hard to shorten the response time and will continue to look for players to take advantage. In addition, it is also committed to developing solutions to prevent fraud and support the vulnerable game system in the game.

    The re-enablement of wealth transfers yesterday was partial, but the actions taken were quick because most transfers only stopped for about a day. In addition, for players who want to buy Cheap New World Coins, they can choose IGGM. There are discounts on this website recently. Players can get a 5% discount with the discount code “NW5”.