New World trading capabilities have been restored

  • After the very successful release of New World on September 28, Amazon Game Studios entered a predicament due to all the unfortunate glitches that players began to encounter. Despite Amazon's efforts to limit the damage caused by New World, while improving the game to make it better, New World is far from getting out of the predicament. This week, Amazon had to ban New World's wealth transfer again because the developers realized another repeated failure that allowed players to deceive more Cheap New World Coins, materials, and trophies.

    In the current state, if the transfer of wealth is again prohibited in the future, New World may not survive, because the population has decreased drastically over time. One of the reasons for this situation is its penalties for artisans and collectors, especially due to their inventory and storage weight restrictions. This usually results in players being trapped in settlements when the economy is closed because they cannot sell New World Gold.

    With the restoration of New World trading capabilities, players can finally throw everything on the ground, take a few steps back, pick up everything again, and repeat the process until they reach a trading station. Although the player finally found a solution, it further proved the player's problem when Amazon disabled trading stations and wealth transfers in New World, without even considering property and territorial taxes or invasions.

    Although the state of the game is not very good, players in New World appreciate Amazon's communication and participation, which is reflected in forum posts. New World may take more time to finally get out of this stage, but the game is refreshing enough to be worth the wait. IGGM has a discount event recently. Players who want to buy New World Gold can get a 5% discount with the discount code "NW5".