How Can We Make Injection Plastic Mold More Sustainable?

  • As growing attention is paid to the impact humanity has on our planet, offering sustainable materials and processes is increasingly critical to protecting our future. Plastics manufacturers have a vested interest in developing and supporting products and practices which will enable our industry, partners, and end-consumers to thrive and grow for many years to come. Here we not only offer expertise with a variety of more sustainable plastic resins, we are continually improving our facility and practices, making Injection plastic mold more sustainable, too.

    Plastics Can Be Sustainable
    Despite the beating plastics often take in the public eye, a lot of the abuse heaped on this valuable and versatile material is unfounded and doesn't reflect the world of today's plastic resins. Many recycled, biodegradable, and bio-based plastic resins are available, supporting the use of renewable and reusable materials.

    Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
    The plastic injection molding process is, by its nature, one with minimal waste, as only the amount of plastic needed for each cycle is used. Rapid, automated production and lightweight products result in lower energy and transportation costs which support sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of injection molding plastics, making it very comparable to other techniques. Innovations in rapid prototyping also mean less waste with more efficient, high-quality results.

    A More Sustainable Facility
    In our own facility, we strive to be good stewards of our resources, from cool, low-energy LED lighting and rainwater recycling for our cooling tower needs to recycling our own scrap plastic and corrugated packaging. Because we are a single-site facility, we can be highly efficient with time, logistics, transportation, and other resources, reducing waste across the board.

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