Know More Things Before Using Hydraulic Air Bottle Jacks

  • To know the required lifting capacity, check the weight of the vehicles you are working on.
    On the market, you will find different hydraulic air bottle jacks types with different capacities:

    For light vehicles (cars, SUV, pick-up trucks…) use a trolley jack, with a lifting capacity varying between 2 and 3 tons.
    For heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, agricultural & construction vehicles, aircrafts, reach stakers…), use an air hydraulic jack with a lifting capacity that can vary from 30 tons to 100 tons, depending on the manufacturer and the model.
    2 important things you should know about the lifting capacity:
    The lifting capacity of an air hydraulic jack varies for each lifting step : For a 50-ton air hydraulic jack, depending on the lifting height required, the lifting capacity varies between 15 and 50 tons.

    When using an air hydraulic jack, you don't lift 100% of the vehicle's weight, but between 1/4 to 1/2 of the vehicle (e.g. to change front wheels) and 1/4 of the vehicle. Choose your equipment accordingly.

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