Everything you need to know about the TOTSSF event can be found

  • To obtain a large number of FIFA coins in FIFA Ultimate Team is a near impossible task. If you want to build a very good squad without spending FIFA coins, you'll need a lot of luck, lots of trading, and a lot of games to get there. In order to avoid having to buy FIFA Ultimate Team coins, many players are now opting to purchase a FIFA Mule account directly instead. What this account is, in reality, is simply a platform on which the owner has primarily amassed a large number of FIFA Coins, whether through Squad Building Challenges or FUT Trading. You have the option of purchasing this FIFA Mule Account, using it yourself, or transferring the FIFA Coins already in your account.

    When it comes to purchasing a FIFA Mule account, what are the benefits and drawbacks?
    If you decide to purchase a FIFA Mule account, there are numerous benefits and drawbacks to consider. Being able to have complete control over your account and transfer FIFA coins on your own is an advantage for some, but it is a disadvantage for others. Having no prior experience with the safe transfer of FIFA Coins increases your chances of being banned. The purchase of FIFA Coins directly from reputable providers such as WhatsGaming. net is recommended for this demographic.

    You can benefit from a FIFA Mule Account in two ways if you have prior gaming experience. However, on one hand, it is usually more affordable to purchase FIFA Coins for your account. There are frequently players available for trade in exchange for FUT Coins on the other hand. All of this, however, has the disadvantage that you must transfer the FIFA coins yourself, which takes a disproportionately long amount of time. Additionally, you must switch back and forth between your account and the mule account.

    When transferring cheap FIFA 22 coins, how do you ensure that you do not get banned?
    Our recommendation is that you exercise extreme caution and patience, as transferring FIFA Coins is a violation of EA's Terms of Service & Conditions. In order to transfer FIFA coins in a risk-free manner, it is best to place players on the transfer market for a maximum of twice their average price. futbin allows you to look up the average price of each player. It is also recommended that you allow 8 hours to elapse between each transfer and the time you wish to transfer the next FUT coin. This method, of course, is time-consuming to implement. In order to transfer FIFA coins securely, there is no way around this requirement.

    According to a blog entry published by EA Sports earlier this year, if the football leagues come to an end this year, there will be no further Team of the Season competitions. Team-of-the-week (TOTW) and man-of-the-match (MOTM) special cards will be awarded for outstanding performances in the remaining games, as has been done in the past.

    Several weekly tasks and SBCs will be assigned for the TOTS event once again this year. Having a few FIFA coins in your account to invest is necessary for the latter option.
    The transfer market may also go crazy once more during the TOTS event, and extremely strong players may be able to be acquired for a relatively small sum of Fifa coins. You must, however, decide whether you want to sell expensive players from your current squad quickly before their value decreases, or whether you want to keep the players in order to have a strong team until or during the TOTS promotion season.