Consider ACNH latest Halloween update

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons' failure to include enough black characters, despite the addition of frightening new furniture, clothing items, and other items as part of the game's Halloween update, demonstrates how the Nintendo Switch title continues to fail players of color. Among the newly added character customization options are new eye, skin, and hair options for characters, as well as new seasonal character customization options. This demonstrates Nintendo's failure to respond to requests from people of color for more inclusive options in the gaming industry.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons received the Game of the Year award at the Tokyo Game Show in recognition of its widespread popularity as a social simulation game. Players can interact with adorable animal friends and take part in carefree activities in a virtual second life created for them. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that is comfortable, enjoyable, and interactive for players to play in.

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that players of color are unable to see themselves represented in-game, this is an impossibly difficult task to complete. While the character customization options in New Horizons are more extensive than those found in previous games, they should be expanded even further in the future.

    The Factors that Influence the Level of Satisfaction with the Game Among PlayersColor is important.

    Since the release of New Horizons in March, players have expressed a desire for more customizability options in their games. They are not unreasonable demands; rather, they are a request for assistance in the process of obtaining animal crossing new horizons bells. Many petitions have been signed in support of inclusive hairstyles, and many social media users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current situation. Even after all this time, many players are still dissatisfied with their inability to create an avatar that truly reflects their own personality.

    By including the customization update in the Halloween update this year, it almost seems as if Nintendo is rubbing salt in the wounds of the community, which is a little disappointing. In response to the trailer's release, one anonymous Twitter user noted that "a lot of us have been pleading with Nintendo for more inclusivity in Bipocalypse," and that "it feels like they've been completely ignoring us."

    Animal Crossing is predicated on the assumption that the player will become sufficiently immersed in their character in order for them to be able to spend sufficient time in this world and enjoy it. This is more difficult for some players than animal crossing buy bells is for others at the moment, depending on their position on the field.

    It is true that inclusive options exist, but they have not been implemented as of yet.

    It is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the game that, while Animal Crossing can add character customization options on a seasonal basis, it will not respond to requests for more permanent changes to the game. Strangely enough, while the Halloween update suggests that fans may be able to expect the cosmetic update they have been clamoring for, the update does not appear to be a top priority for Nintendo at this time.

    Character customization options that are more inclusive would undoubtedly necessitate additional work in a subsequent update, but according to this writer, providing players with the most immersive and representative experience possible should be a top priority for Nintendo. Animal Crossing has tools available that can be used to address the representation issues that have arisen; however, these tools are not being utilized, which is at the very least disappointing.