General leveling up guidelines for New World

  • After much anticipation, a new world has been revealed, and many players are attempting to reach the highest possible level in the shortest amount of time after much anticipation. In this section of the tutorial, you will learn the most efficient method of advancing your character to level 60 as quickly as possible using the available resources.

    It is critical that you follow the main storyline when visiting each beach if you are to complete the first level successfully. Levels 2 through 5 are made up of the following components:

    Levels nine through eighteen are as follows:However, you will be required to complete missions for factions, side quests, and the city during this time period in order to progress through the main storyline. In terms of experience points, new world gold for sale are the most profitable options available.

    After completing the main storyline of the game, you will essentially need to play through levels 18 to 30 in order to reach the final destination.  For the time being, it is recommended that you farm the area as much as possible in order to increase your chances of success on the Dungeon Amrhein Expedition. Once your character has reached the level of 25, you can begin participating in world events. This is the second option available.

    The main storyline will be followed all the way through the game, up to and including levels 30 and 40. Individual players can also participate in world events between levels 25 and 35, or they can form a team to complete the dungeon The Destroyed Obelisk, which is accessible to players of all levels. Individual players can also participate in world events between levels 25 and 35.

    Levels 40 and 50 are the only ones where the main story is told, and it is only a few minutes long. Quests in the Unsteady Coast area, as well as world events, are recommended for solo play, in contrast to The Depth, which is recommended for groups.

    Access to the main storyline, as well as the dungeon The Shipyard of the Dynasty, is only available to players between levels 50 and 60. Alternatively, the shipyard itself is reachable from levels 50 to 60, as previously stated. As an alternative, it is possible to tune in to world events that are taking place in the Bruchberg area, which is located nearby.

    In order to reachnew world gold for sale 60 as quickly as possible, players must complete the main storyline, dungeons, and farming world events (known as Breaches of Corruption). In a single session, it is possible to complete all of these tasks.

    In order to assist those who are new to New World, the following general leveling up guidelines have been provided:It is your responsibility to create and use your character in order to complete quests and battle monsters, and it is your responsibility to do so. As a thank you for your efforts, you will receive experience points in exchange for them. In order to progress through the game's levels, which can be completed up to a maximum difficulty level ofnew NW for sale 60, you will need to collect them in order to advance.

    It is possible to earn more experience points in the game by utilizing a number of simple strategies that can be implemented as you progress through the levels.

    On a faction board, which can be found in each settlement and can be found in every settlement, missions can be accepted or rejected by the appropriate faction based on their relevance. The fact that PvP missions provide a greater number of experience points than the other mission types should not be overlooked in this instance.

    Throughout your adventures, you will gain more experience points in a variety of different areas as you progress through them. According to your preferences, you can choose between bonus items that grant you additional XP (if available) and bonuses that grant you greater reputation (which allows you to unlock new bonuses more quickly).

    You may be eligible to receive an unlocked bonus as a result of your inactivity on the site for an extended period of time.

    A user can choose from among the following options when it comes to operating the system:Each power level has a value ranging from one to sixty, for a total of 60 power levels.

    Levels 1 through 5 are listed below in descending order of difficulty:Alternatively, pressing Esc and then selecting Skip to Cheap new world gold from the game menu after you have completed the tutorial will allow you to bypass the tutorial and proceed directly into the new environment. Yes, you will save time by doing so, but you will also forfeit a free level for your sword and shield weapons. As a result, be cautious about your desires.

    Harvesting raw materials is not permitted under any circumstances, with the exception of when you are attempting to finish this quest. It is also forbidden to collect raw materials for any other purpose than to complete this mission, which includes collecting materials for other missions. As your rises, the value of these items will increase exponentially, allowing you to climb the ranks of the leaderboard faster and faster. Therefore, when out and about, make sure to pick up some hemp for your personal collection as well as for your friends' and family's.

    The majority of your time will be spent completing tutorial quests between levels 5 and 9, at least until you have decided which faction you will be allied with. There are thirteen levels in total, with the tenth being the most difficult.

    It doesn't matter where you started your journey; you should aim for the city of Windkreis as your final destination at this point in your travels. The amount of content related to the main story that takes place on this level is extensive, with a significant amount of it being made available for players to access during their playthrough. You will be able to advance your character's level further as soon as you complete side quests and faction missions, which will occur as soon as your character reaches level 12.

    In order to progress through the main storyline, it is necessary to collect as many fast travel points as possible. In order to make the most of your time, it is also necessary to visit as many cities in the surrounding area as you possibly can while you are there. If you want to survive the rest of history, you'll have to get used to constantly being on the move.

    After completing the main storyline of the game, you will essentially need to play through levels 18 to 30 in order to reach the final destination.  In order to reach the Amrhein Expedition Dungeon, which is located in close proximity to the city, it is possible to travel along this route.

    For the time being, it is recommended that you farm the area as much as possible in order to increase your chances of success on the Dungeon Amrhein Expedition.  The use of an orb, on the other hand, will be required each and every time you attempt entry. Upon successful completion of the quest Led By Stars, you will receive a second orb for your collection, bringing your total number of orbs to two. This does not preclude you from recruiting other random groups to accompany you into the dungeon until you have made your decision; however, doing so is not advised.

    If you prefer to play on your own, you will be able to participate in world events and complete tasks assigned by settlements once you have reached level 25, if you have not already done so. Along with providing a significant number of experience points, they are particularly advantageous for farming purposes.

    Try to finish the main story in the same way that you have become accustomed to playing it on levels 30-40. It is possible that you will be transported to the Destroyed Obelisk, which has a high difficulty rating, if that is the case. Despite the fact that you will receive significantly fewer orbs in this dungeon, it is highly recommended that you farm it to the best of your ability in order to progress.

    Until you reach level 40, your main storyline will be continued in its current form. Once you have completed the current, you will advance to the next. When you travel down this path, you will eventually arrive at The Depth, which is a dungeon in the video game. The dungeon is joined by a side quest called Pirtales will Pirate (which can be obtained through NewWorldFans) that can be completed at any level after level 39 and can be completed at any level after level 39, in addition to the dungeon.

    Once again, farming the dungeon to the greatest extent possible will result in the greatest number of experience points being gained.

    In accordance with your preferences, you can arrange for historical re-enactments to take place at the same site.

    During levels 50-60, you will be following the main storyline, which will take you first to the Great Rift and later to the Bruchberg. In the dungeon, people who have been sentenced to death by their own hands are kept until their execution. Access to the Dynasty's shipbuilding facility will be available to players who have reached the character of 53.

    Neither the length of time the project will take nor the amount of time it will take to level the ground have been specified. If you have a good group of friends to assist you, you should be able to complete the game's first to 50th levels in approximately 25 hours of gameplay time. This means that you will have access to nearly all of the content in NW coins at this point, which is an impressive achievement in and of itself. Long-term, putting in the extra effort required to reach the highest possible level of 60 in the game will be well worth your while.