New World: A guide to bags

  • Storage plays an important role in New World. Players need to find a place to store the items obtained by completing the mission. The player’s house and storage space in the settlement can meet this need. But as players gradually deepen their exploration of the game, they will find that storage is still a problem. Bags can play its role. Of course, buying New World Coins to increase storage is also a good choice.

    Bags can increase the critical value of the character's burden. In addition to storage functions, bags can also have other gains. Therefore, it is very important to have a powerful bag. For new players, collecting materials and making is the focus of New World. But in fact, in the beginning, players are often required to carry ore, wood or other materials worth more than 100 units. The more premium bags and New World Gold players have, the better their leveling and production experience will be.

    Players can equip up to three packs in New World. In the early game missions, the system will give players a free package. In addition, players need to make or New World Coins Buy to purchase additional packages. Like all other items in New World, bags are classified as hierarchical. The grade determines their efficiency in storing equipment. Higher-level bags can carry more storage space, but are more difficult to make.

    Currently, players can make four different bags in New World, which are thick leather bags, sturdy leather bags, layered leather bags, and impregnated leather bags. These bags gradually increase in grade and capacity from front to back. Worn traveler backpacks and crocodile leather backpacks can be obtained from quests. Making bags requires players to improve their armor trade skills. Players spend time and energy leveling is the basic way. The another way is buying New World Coins on IGGM, which is easier.