Patch Notes for Path of Exile: Scourge

  • Recently, the release of Path of Exile: Scourge’s trailer has stunned the appetite of players. Grinding Gear Games shared their Scourge patch notes at the press conference. In addition to the discussion at the press conference that players can buy Path of Exile Currency to get new gems and new divination cards and other new content, but also on hideouts, guilds, Uber final game content, Atlas and map changes, Atlas passive changes, etc. The improvement is roughly explained.

    Scourge fixed some problems encountered in previous games. For example, the health value of magic and rare monsters in the level 85+ area is wrong. There is also an error that the target limit of Bladestorm and Rage Vortex will not be reset between repetitions when using Multistrike, etc. These errors have plagued many players before, and now players can fully expect Path of Exile: Scourge. To welcome the new expansion, players can buy POE Currency to prepare for the game.

    Path of Exile: Scourge obliterates this old season mechanism from the game for the first time. Perandus Coins, which can purchase items from a special dealer called Cardiro, will be a thing of the past forever after release. But POE Currency is still available for everyone to buy.

    Finally, the simplification of the skill tree with relatively large changes is a good thing for players who are not very capable. Players can buy more POE Currency to get better achievements in the game.