Path of Exile: Scourge’s Demon Army

  • In Path of Exile: Scourge, a cursed continent of Wraeclast is under siege from an army of demons from parallel timelines. The new character created by the player is activated by a blood cauldron filled with demon blood and ventures into this parallel world to contend with the demon. This sounds exciting. Players can Buy POE Currency to prepare to resist this dark world.

    The blood cauldron is a demon artifact. It can allow players to use damaged demon upgrades to re-forge rare items and be offset by penalties. The blood of the devil is the energy source of the blood cauldron. Path of Exile: Scourge has thousands of demons. Players can spend some POE Currency to buy powerful weapons to help them defeat demons more easily. Some contaminated items can undergo Build multiple times, each time re-rolling it with higher-level positive and negative characteristics.

    Path of Exile: Scourge has three different demon factions to fight. Each faction rewards special loot and different amounts of POE Currency. In addition, there is a new set of six Link skills, designed for collaboration. These connect two players with a visible tether, allowing them to win defensive or offensive gains jointly. The downside of this is that if one player dies, then his partner will also die. However, players who like to cooperate may have fun here.

    In addition, some improvements in the quality of life in the guild’s hideout and a major transformation of the way the personal hideout works. Players can freely buy POE Currency to decorate their personal space as they see fit. This is a change that players will love.