Path of Exile: Scourge' Build

  • Recently, Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge was officially released, and players continue to join the game. The Scourge League tests the players’ abilities and having a good Build and enough POE Currency is an important way to enhance their abilities.

    All players need a Build with good survivability and high damage. Different Builds are used for different combat requirements. Minion Build does not need so much survivability, because players can use groups of minions to fight against bad guys. Players who use the close-range Build will face greater danger, and they need other builds with strong survivability to assist.

    Although the skeleton entourage has been weakened in the latest version, it is still a viable self-starter. This version of the privilege allows the player to summon hordes of skeletons to obey themselves. Players can command skeletons, ghosts and other similar creatures to deal with powerful enemies together. In order to enhance the abilities of servants, players can POE Currency Buy to purchase weapons with different gain effects.

    If the player prefers melee combat, Toxic Rain is needed. Toxic Rain is very helpful for defeating enemies at close range. Although it has higher damage, it has a disadvantage that it lacks life regeneration. Players can buy POE Currency to reserve more recovery potions, which can effectively compensate for this defect.

    Arc Templar is always one of the easiest starter builds in the game. Arc Templar will naturally re-trigger the player’s active skills. In addition, its cost is very low, and the equipment is fairly easy to get. However, Arc Templar’s damage is slightly weaker. What players need is to buy POE Currency to increase Arc Templar’s damage.

    If novice players don’t want to spend energy on research, they can directly apply the Build that other players have practiced. These can basically meet the basic combat requirements of many players, which is a convenient and fast way.