Path of Exile: Scourge Xbox and PS4 Patch notes

  • Path of Exile: Scourge has only been launched for more than a month, which gives players the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of this free action RPG game on Xbox and PS4. In order to challenge more arduous tasks, many players choose to buy POE Currency to enhance the strength of their characters, which will bring a better gaming experience. Recently, GGG developed and released a new patch to fix various errors.

    The community noticed all these errors and attracted attention. This new patch also has some regular fixes for specific console issues and some changes to various creatures in the game.

    GGG has implemented some changes that only affect the console version of the game. This includes adding access to unlimited Hideout Decorations through the Decorations Tab in Personal and Guild Hideouts. Besides some console-specific errors that have been eliminated, there are also errors in the order of Stash Tabs, Tradeboard filter errors reset between searches, errors in Subterranean Chart not displaying Sulphite, and failure to start Metamorph Vat.

    Scourge itself has been adjusted, and both Scourged items and Scourged map have changed. Scourged items can no longer produce disadvantages that directly offset their advantages. For example, an item with “Added Physical Damage” cannot produce “Deal no Physical Damage” as a disadvantage. In addition, for the problem of insufficient POE Currency for system rewards, GGG also increased game rewards.

    The Scourged Map modifier, which allows players to switch to Nightmare when they reach their maximum health, will now slightly lose health. In addition, GGG has also improved the problem that some weapons got by players Buy POE Currency cannot function.

    Among all these changes, there is also a vast patch to fix a series of bugs. If players encounter other problems in the game, they can give feedback on time. For players with insufficient character strength, they can choose to buy POE Currency to get high-rated weapons and resources.