I was at 6/10 when two players teamed

  • There was no reason for her to do so. She was from another realm. I was WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold already in an organization. She had 0 reason to actually aid me in any way. Yet, she did take the time from her busy schedule to offer me advice and assist me in growing. She helped me understand the basics of Warlocking and gave me some guidelines for playing as an Warlock.

    I'm unable to even remember her name. Then I didn't see her after that. But her patience and willingness to help me has stayed with me. It makes me smile :)

    What are your stories of people who go the extra mile to improve the playing place for you?

    Since, let's admit it the only thing that is needed is a single person helping to a new player offering a helping hand and a potential new player to come into the game and be able to play. Help:

    It occurred in 8.2, Nazjatar at midnight. After having me raided, 10 people from my guild decided to go into warmode and transform the Alliance town ours. It was an enjoyable night of combat and as a BDK I wasn't actually killed because there was infinite sustain on guards.

    After a time, people doze off. After killing numerous people My Alliance Slaying quest method (the one that demands you to kill 10 people in a row , and not perish while your location is shown on the map) will assist you to go to sleep.

    So I thought why the hell not do it? It's a lot of fun and I'll probably not be able to do it again in a while. I began to rumble through the streets, harassing lonely players however I had changed my mind because blood was absolutely a waste in Wpvp in the moment.

    I was at 6/10 when two players teamed together on me, two DPS equipped with the best equipment. I try to fight for my life for as long as I can. However, soon all my CDs are gone and my life is close to 0% and I despair believing I'm almost done... When a green cockroach spawns on me, my existence went from 5% down to 100% in a flash and I notice this random monk walking by who chose to save me and assisted me in killing the two.

    In the ensuing calm, I thank him for his help and inform him that he saved my quest. He took the initiative to meet me at 3AM to keep me alive as I searched for my name. He was truly a hero, and I am thankful for his assistance. We were quickly beaten by three other teams! We won with our combined force, and I was awarded my title.

    I was tempted to gift the guy some gold, but it was just a cheap WOW TBC Gold single participant on a server. However, it was a incredible and intense experience.