Path of Exile: Scourge is about to bring a major update

  • What Path of Exile players are looking forward to most recently is Path of Exile: Scourge is coming. GGG revealed more in a previous live broadcast, including some major changes that Scourge League will bring. It will enable players to experience more content, and players can also buy POE Currency to make their gaming experience more perfect.

    GGG has launched six new unique items in this challenge league. Although players may not be excited about the new unique items, two are worth noting. The first one, Uul-Netol’s Vow, is an amulet with a slot that serves as the seventh link to the players’ breastplate, and the Mageblood belt permanently activates the effect of players’ multifunctional bottles. The Mageblood belt is in the core drop pool, but it will be “very rare”. In fact, players can buy POE Currency to get some rare items.

    Scourge League also reduced the number of regions in the map from 8 to 4. This reduces the number of watchstones to be unlocked to 16. GGG stated that the new atlas will include approximately 100 maps and all unique maps. Although the player’s Atlas skill tree will still receive the same number of passive points as before, the tree itself has been expanded to compensate for the reduced area. So players can Buy POE Currency to enhance their strength.

    The Atlas rework is not the only change to the Path of Exile endgame, because GGG will introduce new endgame content for those seeking more challenges in the game. The new fifth tier of Breachstones, called Flawless Breachstones, can only be found in the Maven encounter. In addition, level 85 Blight destruction maps now drop Blighted Maps. For those who can easily complete regular Blighted maps, these should provide more challenges. Players can also buy POE Currency to complete various challenges easily.