Features of Utp Cat6 Cables Suppliers


    CAT6 Bulk Outdoor Cable
    UV shielding in the cable is very important to prevent premature degradation of Cat6 cables due to moisture and extreme temperatures. Ethernet Cat6 cables for outdoor use have a UV rating, which means they can be exposed to outdoor environments without severe damage.

    UV PVC is a thermoplastic material. We use it as a sheath material in outdoor Cat6 bulk cables. It has special performance to withstand extreme temperatures. We also offer a variety of options, such as gel filling, waterproof tape, overhead wire and PE sheath.

    Moisture can easily penetrate into small spaces in cables, especially when cables are laid between indoor and outdoor spaces. When the cable is subjected to different temperatures (from warm to cold), condensation can easily occur. This is why our 1000 FT Outdoor Cat6 bulk cables are designed and manufactured to prevent condensation in the cables and ensure that the wires will not easily degrade even under severe conditions.

    Cat6 foil twisted pair (FTP) bulk cable
    The Cat6 FTP version provides an extra layer of protection through shielding. Basically, the foil is wrapped around the twisted pair of Cat6 cable. The foil protects the wires from EMI/FRI and crosstalk.

    Cat6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) bulk cable
    UTP CAT6 Cables Suppliers' UTP is the most commonly used and most sought after cable. We can easily identify it by the markings on the cable body in data communication, voice, ISDN, ATM155 and 622Mbps, 100Mbps TPDDI, fast and Gigabit Ethernet cables. This type of copper cable consists of 2 to 1800 pairs of unshielded twisted pairs and is surrounded by an outer sheath. We provide 1000 feet of industry standard Cat6 UTP bulk cable at a very affordable price. We also provide a Cat6 UTP waterproof version, which can be used in harsher environments.

    Cat6 shielded twisted pair (S/FTP) bulk cable
    Shielding is the best way to prevent interference and signal loss. Cat6 shielded cables are suitable for environments that are close to RF equipment or high-power equipment that may cause crosstalk, and are very suitable for areas where electromagnetic interference may occur. We provide riser and booster sheath shielded Cat6 Ethernet cables in bulk.