How To Taunt In Madden NFL 22

  • Like every sports game, Taunting players is fun to celebrate, but many players have no idea how to Taunt in Madden 22. This short guide will show you how to taunt and what you need to know before doing it during a game.

    To perform a taunt in Madden 22, press L2/LT. A point to make here is that Madden 22 also doesn’t use L2/LT as a skill modifier for the ball carrier, as it has in previous years. So, don’t accidentally press what is now a celebration control when engaging defenders, as that ball is likely to be jarred loose.

    Unfortunately for fans, players cannot select specific taunts and will activate a random animation. The animations include the player turning around and pointing a finger, high-stepping while running, and a few other taunts that will drive the other player crazy.

    The trickier the situation, the more satisfying the taunt is. Imagine catching a 30-yard pass and having a defender running straight at you. You can wait for the absolute last second to taunt when he is nearly tackling you and spin your way around as his tackle hits the ground after your taunt. Then, you taunt some more after he is down to the ground and have the whole field to yourself for a touchdown.

    Also, doing the taunts definitely slows you down, so if someone is in pursuit, make sure they have no chance of catching you when using a taunt. So you can practice doing this first when playing.

    Some players may consider it poor sportsmanship, but every player should know how to taunt in Madden 22 just in case. If you want to know more guides, please click here. The most important is you can buy madden 22 coins here. It’s cheap, safe and fast. These coins will help you easily ascend the throne of champions!