How To Choose Fabric For Custom Hanging Umbrella

    1. Custom Hanging Umbrella fabric should ensure constant size and no deformation; what outdoor sunshade needs is durable and practical;
      2. Pay attention to the selection of fabrics, the surface of the fabrics is flat and smooth, to ensure that the winding is free, and prevent the fabrics from deviation, wrinkles or unsmooth winding;
        3. The fabric should have sufficient tensile and tear strength to prevent the danger of being torn under severe weather conditions; therefore, the choice of outdoor shading is also the first step to achieve a successful effect;
        4. The connection between the fabrics adopts the process of sewing connection to ensure that the fabric has sufficient strength; Outdoor Folding Gazebo fabrics should ensure good color fixation;
        5. The surface of the fabric should have certain anti-pollution performance, easy to clean, simple and convenient to maintain.

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