Discoloration Of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo Tarpaulin

  •   When we store the tarpaulin, due to some reasons, the tarpaulin often changes color. This situation will affect our next use. Let’s give you a brief analysis on the discoloration of the Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo tarpaulin.
       1. The qualified tarpaulin has no discoloration problem in the short term, and the fading is slow. The colors of PE tarpaulins are mostly blue-white, blue-orange, double-white, red-blue, etc. Active and easily decomposable colors such as red, purple, and green are rarely used.
      2. Many other people will mix colored strips into tarpaulins. The raw material of the tarpaulin is high-pressure polyethylene. The color is applied to the tarpaulin together with the high-pressure polyethylene as an ingredient, so it will not fade, discolor or fade. The color stripe cloth is woven with polypropylene, and the color on padding is easy to fade, fade and change color. And the waterproof effect is poor, but the price is cheap, which is what we commonly call "disposable tarpaulin" and "toxic tarpaulin". And it will cause harm to human body and the environment.
      3. The blue-white, double-white and other reductive pigments in the tarpaulin have stable chemical properties, and it is difficult to cause fading and discoloration, unless under some harsh conditions (always exposed to the sun, etc.). Active materials such as blue-orange, red-blue, etc., have relatively unstable chemical properties, and are prone to fading and discoloration problems due to improper maintenance. This is also what we have seen in the industry. The blue and white tarpaulin has the same color regardless of the old and new colors, while the red and blue PE tarpaulin has the phenomenon of red and darkening.
    Regarding the discoloration of the tarpaulin of China Custom Sunshade Parasol, in addition to product quality and storage in daily life, it is also related to our daily use. If the tent is used outdoors for a long time, it is often exposed to sunlight and time There will be some fading problems when it grows. I hope everyone can pay attention to it when using it.

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