Why Outdoor Folding Gazebo Is A Good Choice

  • There is an old saying about food, clothing, housing and transportation. People take food as their heaven. Food is the most important thing for people. This has led to the emergence of more and more Chinese restaurants and western restaurants. In major star-rated hotels and restaurants, the choice of decoration and equipment is absolutely top-notch. First of all, when choosing hotel furniture and dining chairs, I recommend Outdoor Folding Gazebo as the main choice. The reasons are as follows:



    1. Breathable and comfortable

    Rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, ventilated, durable, portable, and economical in price. You can put a cushion on the rattan table and chair. In summer, you can put it aside, sit directly on a wicker chair, and put it on again in winter. If the mat is dirty, cleaning is also very simple. In addition, rattan furniture can be painted in many different colors, and can be decorated and designed in a variety of styles through matching methods. Therefore, more and more high-end hotel restaurants use rattan furniture.



    1. Lightweight

    The common types of hotel furniture are solid wood furniture, fabric furniture and rattan furniture. The solid wood furniture is bulky, inconvenient to move, and it is not breathable, and it is tiring to sit up. Furniture in public service places must move back and forth every day. Fabric furniture may be luxurious, but cleanliness is a problem. The dining chair is often used and can get dirty easily. Every time it is cleaned, the entire chair must be moved, so that the cleaning work takes a long time and is prone to wear and tear, which affects the quality of the restaurant. Leather furniture is too expensive to be used in restaurants, and it is particularly troublesome for leather maintenance, and it is not suitable for public use.


    1. Custom Hanging Umbrella material is environmentally friendly

    For outdoor use, rattan furniture is undoubtedly the best choice. Rattan has two different materials: real rattan and imitation rattan. Real rattan is a rattan that grows on high mountains. Rattan is mainly imported from Indonesia. Many restaurants use real rattan furniture. Imitation rattan is a kind of PV rattan. The color and texture are similar to rattan, but it is a PE material. Many outdoor restaurants, western restaurants and cafes use rattan furniture.

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