What Kind Of Fabric Does Push Up Umbrella Suppliers Have?


    Talk about tent fabrics

    Push Up Umbrella suppliers’ introduction to tents has been mentioned many times by the author, but I don’t have much to discuss about outdoor tent fabrics. So, for this article, I would like to discuss this aspect with you.

    According to the relevant personnel of waterproof fabrics are based on the degree of waterproofness; the occasions when different degrees of waterproofness are applicable are also different. For example, waterproof 300MM is generally used for beach tents/shading tents or Cotton tents for drought and less rain;

    And the waterproof 3000MM or more is generally a professional tent car transportation, which has been treated with high temperature/cold resistance technology;

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    As for the bottom material, I want to tell everyone that the more common one is made of PE. The quality of the bottom depends on its thickness and warp and weft density. It is better and more high-end to use Oxford fabric, and the waterproof treatment should be at least 1500MM;

    Let’s talk about the internal fabrics. The internal fabrics are generally made of breathable nylon or breathable cotton. How to look at the quality, the author reminds you that you only need to look at its density;

    Well, the content of this aspect will be introduced here first. If you want to buy outdoor leisure furniture, you can also contact us Outdoor Folding Gazebo Factory.


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