Metacritic has ranked the 15 Best NBA 2K Games

  • It's no secret that NBA 2K is the best basketball game franchise. It was a good choice to launch with NBA 2K, it became an instant threat to EA Sports' NBA Live, which was at the top of the game in the early days. Over the years, 2K so routinely beat Live that EA stopped playing and NBA 2K22 MT revived their game series. With over 20 years worth of entries, it's worth it to look back over the time those times when NBA 2K was at its best. These installments were considered to be the best NBA 2K games based on Metacritic ratings.

    Updated on June 29 2021 by Kevin Pantoja: Considering the lengthy background of the NBA 2K gaming franchise, it's worthwhile to have a deeper study of its past. Every game has received at least acclaim from the critics and some are among the best basketball games ever made. It's an excellent way to know which NBA 2K game is the most effective.

    At this point, it was abundantly clear that the NBA 2K franchise was lightyears ahead of NBA Live. Although the 2009 edition of the EA Sports game was solid, NBA 2K9 just kept adding to its already incredible legacy. The issue also featured Kevin Garnett, NBA Champion. The most important reason behind the positive response was how realistic the overall experience was. The gameplay was top-quality as was the commentary and halftime show. HD visuals were also excellent. The game didn't provide many brand new games or modes.

    The graphics in NBA 2K9 are a welcome improvement from the past issues with NBA 2K7, where the model of the player and the animation were not up to par. The issue was that the game did well in all other areas. The gameplay was a big hit, but the game also had very well-loved features like Street mode and Association mode. A unique feature of the PlayStation 3 was the ability to Buy 2K22 MT shoot free throws in the exact same motion as a real shot. The cover athlete was Shaquille Oleal.

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