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    Yet another method follows pretty much the same arrangement, but rather than outlining which kinds of runes you can carry at every level they're substituted with OSRS Gold a number representing how many kinds of runes you can hold.

    Appreciate! Please, feedback would truly be great, although not on the numbers outlined above. Perhaps in the event that you have your own method of how these can be controlled, or maybe believe that they shouldn't be at all... share your thoughts, please! It will produce the thought that much better. Welcome, persistent reader, to my last suggestion. This one has nothing to with battle. It does, however, have to do with very large level magical, so listen up. When dragonstone jewellery is enchanted, it can become a type of Wealth, Necklace of Skills, Bracelet of Combat or a Amulet of Glory. (The Glory can simply be recharged in the Heroes Guild, the necklace and bracelet in the Legends)

    After their charges are consumed, the jewellery needs to be attracted to the proper guild before further use. My suggestion is that, instead of having to visit the guild every single time you run out, there'll be a Lunar Spell (after Dream Mentor) that can be used to recharge the jewelry. The jewelry must have been charged once before. Graphic: The caster holds up a giant purple stone in 1 hand and raises the other hand above their head, extending the palm down to the gem. White light flows from the palm to the gem. Recharges enchanted up to two pieces of enchanted dragonstone jewellery from the caster's inventory. The"up to fourteen" part is so that high level mages can reasonably utilize it, but not have it be overpowered.

    Several refinements added, thanks to Cheap OSRS Accounts some player named Acemcdonut who knows a good deal about PvP. This is a proposal for a new PvP area that should be a suitable replacement for your Wilderness. Similar to one of my previous thoughts about the Widlerness. I expect PKers and explorers alike will enjoy it. The problem with Bounty Hunter is the fact that it is overly compressed and featureless, this area should be plenty free enough.

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