Mining rings would prevent enchanted picks from breaking

  • Mining rings would prevent enchanted picks from breaking but if the 50 ores were consumed, the enchanted choice would function as a rune choice until the next day. For any other pick(except dragon) it might be a one-up about the pick (ex: bronze could act as iron, etc;-RRB-. It would not turn a rune pick into OSRS Accounts a dragon select but it would give it a particular that can be used once every day. They'd cost 20k.

    Dragon pickaxes are 640k. Its combat particular would drain the entire bar and hit the opponant with a more powerful, more exact attack and could entangle the opponant for 15 minutes. Its mining special would drain the whole bar. It would get the ore in one hit and could have two ores. The mining guild could also have a deposit box to deposit ores. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

    So as most all of us agree, the prayer guild stinks. This is a matter of what I thought could be a good improvement to the prayer guild, and of course good way to get xp! Now prepare for a whole lot of!

    What's the best method to get prayer xp from the sport? In my view its Worshiping the Ectofuntus. But that's boring, has no thrill, and is time consuming. My idea suggests somthing that may be a touch less time consumming and contains thrill (Hopefully its not boring!) Also it's something of value for everyone. Please note my idea is a dangerous minigame and you will not be able keep your things on death.

    Among the brothers in the monastery has taken note how many corpses are lying in the wilderness and suggests to do something about that. The brother is not among the bravest and asks you to collect bones from the wilderness and bring them back to osrs fire cape service him so he can release the anguished soul.

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