Cases: any liquid + any iron thing = coroded iron item

  • Cases: any liquid + any iron thing = coroded iron item. It either becomes unusable or should be brought to the decent shop to repair. If new items can't be introduced - potential to OSRS Gold turn unusable for some time or even ityem just vanishes. Any drink + any non-armor dressing random colors, depending on drink colour. Cannot be changed and dress is worth 10% shop price.

    Any cooked meat or fish + any weapon half a portion (if fresh things can't be released, the food heal 50% less). Any cake, pizza any weapon destroy meals (potion disappears). Any alcohol + fire = greater fire, such as explosion in the mines. Moral: be carefull when ingesting!

    Any cooked meat= sandwitch. However, it provides only 50 percent of each product. Members should get an option to add butter. Sandwitch could be cooked on stove only giving slightly more hp than original. Now does not work on a few fish. Everything should be burnable!

    0re+ore = 1 ore. Metal may be pulled using Superheat spell just and it is obviously the lowest metal (if oplayer joins gold+copper, superheat will extract aluminum ). Clay+bucket= unusable bucket. Clay is assumed to be glued. Random event - sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it attaches to the bucket. Any melee weapon+any arrow = destroyed arrow. Player is designed to cut arrow heads.

    Any meals + any impartial NPC = a word of thanks. Neutral NPS may be men and girls, guards, also various bot-like npcs (doomsayer, duke of Lumbirdge etc). Any thing (jewellery, armor)+shield = salute in the guards around. Item is seen only, guards can't drop it. Player cannot provide armor or weapons lower in level than guards (if guards should wield steel firearms, iron and Cheap RuneScape Gold aluminum can't be offered)

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