F2P: You must have armor and the desired color dye

  • So I thought, P2P Construction Level. Of 23 to  begin on Bronze items at minimum Buying dye/paint and making it. Ability to OSRS Gold add stripes at level. 40 Construction and the ability to add stripes at lvl. 40 Crafting. Buy from NPC at a discounted price.

    F2P: You must have armor and the desired color dye. Certain colors are available for purchase at 50k. Certain skill levels. Attained. 240k-720k depending on armor. Although it is expensive, it is a great incentive to upgrade your lvls to make more money. And I wouldn't be disapointed. Its expensive since it shouldn't be that simple to obtain. Thoughts and ideas? It's a rough concept, but I had to leave earlier before I could complete my idea.

    This idea came to me as I was browsing the suggestion boards. Random dungeons. In the course of runescape, there will be new entrances to "dungeons" like a cave opening or a trap door and so on. When you enter the dungeon, you will be placed into a start room with an entrance that leads to the main zone, and another one that leads back to the outside.

    If you enter the door that leads to Cheap RS 3 Gold the main dungeon The game will create a dungeon. It will do this by putting pre-set pieces of wood to form some kind of map. The dungeon's spawns are random to a certain degree. They might or may not contain a boss monster at their end. There are also various valuables hidden in chests or barrels.

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