They fled right away before I could figure out

  • They fled right away before I could figure out they were going to OSRS Gold kill the KBD they were speaking to me about. I can't get the obelsk to activate, and then walk to the center of the platform. A red flash appears and begins to attack me, so I run away east and log off.

    I'm down to around 40hp due to the fact that I'm not eating. I'm planning to make use of my glory when I reach level 30 wildy to defend against magic and run around lava maze. I could return if the revenant leaves the area, as that's my fastest route out. Because I do NOT possess Ancient magicks I cannot revive it.

    What is the best way to operate an obelisk? Are there any places in the world that have multiple people? If a rev is a part of another one, it could be more secure for me. I've always seen a rev around the entrance to the lava maze. Is there another rev area that is closely monitored?

    My "Soviet" level 70, has nearly 70 str 56 hits and 40 def. It seems that melee appears to be more powerful than range. The Dark Bow looks awesome, and so do all the cool items that you can use for range such d hide and a backpack that picks up steel arrows

    My friend is in the 80 to 90 range. He claims he can hit 40s when using D bow. That is a very high HIIT IN MY OPPINION. I'm close to 70 str, but I can't hit 16 with Buy RS Gold the rune Scimmy. What can I do? You can either maintain your existing account or make a ranger. How can I improve the value of my current account?

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