Bring it to Aggie, and she will create a yellow skin paste

  • To get to the cave, visit the port in Ardougne and OSRS Gold speak with the man in front of a small sailboat. He is actually a Temple Knight, the codeword to remember is "Dancing for stuff pl0x". He will take you to a small rock on the sea which is in a state of soaking. If you go to the west, you will see a hole. You will find a maze that is similar to the Kennith’s Concerns quest. Once you've finished you'll discover that you can't go into the cave. Your character will be able to suggest Aggie in Draynor Village.

    Talk with Aggie in Draynor about the slugs and ways to make it look like you have white hair and yellow skin. For a change in your hairstyle you must visit the Falador Hairdresser. For the skin, Aggie will make a paste out of flour with ashes, water and also a rare young fish. To catch a Jeunefish you must return to the rock where the slug's den is and put an explosive for fishing that is super powerful at the spot where you fish to catch a dead young fish.

    Bring it to Aggie, and she will create a yellow skin paste. Every time you go into the slug's cave there will be a need for another. Return to the lair with 5 rubium ores, and then you'll apply the paste on yourself. Examine the area you are in and you will see that it's soaking wet and a few rubium ore would heat the place up quickly. Rubiums can make rooms warmer. The slug-possessed individuals are likely to be frightened. The next room is now in and Mother Mallum and Mayor Hobbes are frightened because they are aware that there's an intruder. They run out of the room. To take out the slugs you have to use a dry heat and then you'll need to get rid of the water. Avoid the hassle, as the room may be able to resoak.

    Savant is available at Falador. Savant will recommend using rubium to Buy RS Gold boil the water before enlarging the Fire Rune in order to ignite the area. To get the purest essence chunk, teleport to the Rune essence using a rock hammer or the hammer.

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