How To Remove The Smell Of Gunpowder Tea

  • Gunpowder Tea is left for a period of time, no matter whether it is vacuum packed or not, it will change somewhat. The chlorophyll and tea polyphenols in the tea will make the tea yellow, red, smelly, and even moldy. Therefore, when you want to drink tea that has been stored for a period of time, first confirm whether the tea is moldy. If it has a moldy smell, do not drink it; if there is only a little stale or old taste, you can use the brewing method to solve it.
    method one:
    The temperature of the water should be high, preferably boiling water. The first soaking time is a little longer than usual, and then discard it without drinking. The second soaking time is twice as fast as usual. Brew quickly and drink as hot as possible.
    Method Two:
    Reduce the water temperature by a few degrees and follow the normal brewing method to avoid the bitter and astringent taste of the tea soup.
    Method three:
    It is best to change to a large pot bubble, you can use the pot girl, reduce the proportion of Chunmee Green Tea, the taste will be better.
    If the tea leaves at home have been left for a long time, there are some unpleasant flavors when there is no mold, and you can brew them according to these three methods, and they will still have the previous flavor!!

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