Introduction Of China Automotive Interior Plastic Parts Market

  • According to the different objects of use, the China Automotive Interior Plastic Parts market can generally be divided into the vehicle supporting market and the after-sales service market. Among them, the market demand of the complete vehicle supporting market and the after-sales service market accounted for approximately 80% and 20%.

    As an important downstream market of the auto parts industry, the complete vehicle supporting market is based on the production complexity and specialization characteristics of the industry itself in the process of its market development, and meets the strict requirements of vehicle manufacturers for service quality , Gradually forming a pyramid-like multi-level supplier system structure, that is, the supplier is divided into a multi-level structure such as a first-tier supplier, a second-tier supplier, and a third-tier supplier according to the supply relationship with the vehicle manufacturer. Among them, the first-tier supplier directly supplies products to the vehicle manufacturer, and the two parties often have a long-term and stable cooperative relationship; the second-tier supplier supplies supporting products to the vehicle manufacturer through the first-tier supplier, and so on. As the pyramid level decreases, industry entry barriers and technical requirements are correspondingly reduced. Therefore, the greater the number of component suppliers in this level, the more intense market competition.

    There is a close linkage between the auto parts industry and the vehicle manufacturing industry. Because the cycle of the vehicle industry is closely related to the development cycle of the national economy, it is an industry that is highly sensitive to the economic boom cycle. Therefore, the auto parts industry is affected by the downstream vehicle industry. , The influence of national economic cyclical fluctuations has certain cyclical characteristics.

    The auto parts industry is mainly oriented to the complete vehicle supporting market, and the development of the automobile industry in my country and even the world has shown a centralized and large-scale industry development trend, which determines that the customer structure of parts supporting suppliers is relatively concentrated. Based on the above reasons, in order to reduce transportation costs, shorten the supply cycle, and improve collaborative production capacity, domestic auto parts companies often choose to set up production bases in the vicinity of vehicle manufacturers, and gradually form the three eastern provinces, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and Beijing. The six major automobile industry bases such as Tianjin, Central and Southwest are the industry distribution characteristics of the radial center.

    The seasonal characteristics of the auto parts industry of Plastic Parts of Car Center Console Manufacturers are consistent with the seasonality of vehicle production and sales. Due to the current fierce competition in the vehicle market, various vehicle manufacturers have increased their marketing efforts on existing models As well as the shortening of the launch cycle of new models, the vehicle industry has no obvious seasonal fluctuations, so the auto parts industry does not have significant seasonal characteristics.

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